Dienstag, 25. August 2015

Elasticsearch with Mojo::UserAgent

Trying to find a more flexible and scalable solution for my key-value backends with more than 10 millions of keys each, stored in read-only dictd now, I wanted to try Elasticsearch.

Installation on my development station (a MacBook Air) was easy.

Next step is a perlish interface.

There are modules on CPAN interfacing to Elasticsearch, but with tons of dependencies, and a lot of documentation to learn.

What's about using the JSON REST-API of Elasticsearch directly with one of the perlish user agents?

Having Mojolicious installed on all machines, and knowing Mojo::UserAgent very well, I gave it a try.

Some minutes later I had it working:

use Mojo::UserAgent;

my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new;

# insert a record
my $tx = $ua->post('http://localhost:9200/nomen/child' => json =>
 "taxon"  => "Rosa",
 "rank"   => "Genus",
 "child"  => "Rosa canina",
 "system" => "gbif"

# query
my $result = $ua->post('http://localhost:9200/_search' => json => {
    "query" => {
        "query_string" => {
            "query"  => "Spermophilus",
            "fields" => ["taxon","child"]

It allows to use perl structures directly with the built-in JSON converter.

Easy and simple.

Next will be scalability and performance tests.


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  2. This is neat! You might want to have a look at Search::Elasticsearch for easier and more complete interaction with Elasticsearch.

    1. Search::Elasticsearch is too heavy as I already wrote in my original post. It's not easier.